EEeee. It’s been forever i know but it’s taken a while for me to decide how i really wanted things to go. So we moved to blogger (the enemy i know). So here’s the link http://sweeteeforetsy.blogspot.com


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Too much too soon?

Sorry it’s been a while i’ve been on a job hunt lately. So my newest problem must be that my eyes are bigger than my … well i dunno what you’d say, bigger than my hands maybe? I have about 5 knitting projects started right now and not enough time to finish just one of them. Doh! Yeah and this is where i get into trouble i start so many things then only manage to finish just a couple and even though the rest would be really cool things that i would probably love… but i guess i lose interest then end up scrapping them for the yarn to use of a different project. I guess i have a problem with doing to much at once.

Well i should have some more pics soon. the fuzzy purple scarf is nearly done, i am also working on a pink scarf that i think will turn out quite adorable and another version of the kitty hat in a fuzzy pink. .. ok, it’s lunch time fore a certain little someone. I promise, pictures soon!

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Purple Rain

My first question is, would you wear a deep purple fuzzy scarf? seriously.. would you? i thought about it, and yes i would. But then again i think it would be easier for us ladies to pull off.

Before i update i want to make a quick little plug about Blogazoo . I’m sure most of you out there know about all the sites that will get you traffic and all kinds of other good stuff and not all of them are worth it. But let me tell you Blogazoo is one of the ones that works well, and has a good and easy system to use. The other is Blogmad and they are both worth it and easy to use. Check out one or both and start getting more traffic.

So here’s my update, the wrist warmers i was working on down there (a few entries down) i got really tired of them for whatever reason they were taking so long and weren’t coming out like i wanted them to so i scrapped them. Yeah i know it took me a while to get that far and i just gave it up, but i was frustrated with them. I’ll try them again at a later time.  For now i have to decide what i want to make with that yarn, that i really love, but it’s so small i don’t know what to use it for. Sorry i don’t have any pics of new projects but here is a pic of the sunrise from my window after it had been pouring and thrashing all night. the quiet after the storm.

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Kitty Ears

Well i’ve had this in my drafts for a while and i keep meaning to post it but didn’t get to it. I think this hat is totally adorable and i made the ears so they have little tufts. It’s just a bit big on her now so it wiggles down over her eyes and then she turns her head back and forth and get’s it all twisted.

So i think i’ll adjust my pattern to make it a bit smaller, newborn or preemie size. Also my niece wants me to make her a hat too. She didn’t say exactly what style, but then again she’s turning three. So i might make her one of these and see if she likes it, or at least let me take a few pics with her in it for Etsy. I like it enough that i think it might be work it to post to etsy and allow them to chose a customization. So we will soon see.

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Cutting Teeth

It’s been a rough couple days and last night and today it all sort of came to a head and i had to take a minute for myself. Baby girl was up at least once every hour until about 2:30 she just kept crying on and on… i was frustrated, especially since she’s been sleeping through the night for almost2 months now, so i finally gave up trying other things and just brought her into the bed with me so that we could sleep. Today’s been a lot of fussing and screaming, not to mention emotionally draining.

 I finished the baby hat but i am working on the kitchener stitch that closes the top and it’s a bit confusing for me to just read how to do it since i’m a visual learner. But i’ve already found another hat pattern to try out, it’s a cable knit beanie check it out.

Until next time how about a bite of manufactured blue fur?

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I finished the hat and added a pompom – i think it’s cute. it would be perfect for all those up north getting the feet upon feet of snow.

I finished the baby hat but i feel like it needs a little bit of work. i was going to put pom-poms on the corners but i decided i wanted to make it look like kitty ears instead. once i finish it up i’ll post a pic of her in it.

For now let me leave you with this… i had baby girl on the bed with me while i was knitting and she was fussing up a storm.  so i let her hold the yarn and she was happy and yappy after that. Looks like i know what her first hobby might be.

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Ok the size of the hat totally got on my nerves. I hadn’t knotted it or really weaved in the last end yet so i am scrapping it and making it over again minus a few stitches to bring it a little tighter; just pulling off the old hat (works really well to contain the yarn, no yarn balls rolling away)

Also I’ve found a baby hat i really want to make for baby girl, soo cute… i don’t know what the hat kick is all about, guess i’m just not brave enough to take on a big project yet. It looks like it’s seamed flat at the top with pom-pom’s attached at the corners. I’m excited about how freakin adorable it’s going to be on her. The pattern i found for it was more of a ‘recipe’ she called it so that you can customize it. It also has 2 variations so we’ll see how well i do.

As a quick update: i am this close to scrapping the arm warmers. not because it’s hard but because it’s such a small tight knit it makes my hands sore trying to hold it and it takes so long. But i’ll stick it out a little longer, perhaps i’ll come back to them at a later date.

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