Ok the size of the hat totally got on my nerves. I hadn’t knotted it or really weaved in the last end yet so i am scrapping it and making it over again minus a few stitches to bring it a little tighter; just pulling off the old hat (works really well to contain the yarn, no yarn balls rolling away)

Also I’ve found a baby hat i really want to make for baby girl, soo cute… i don’t know what the hat kick is all about, guess i’m just not brave enough to take on a big project yet. It looks like it’s seamed flat at the top with pom-pom’s attached at the corners. I’m excited about how freakin adorable it’s going to be on her. The pattern i found for it was more of a ‘recipe’ she called it so that you can customize it. It also has 2 variations so we’ll see how well i do.

As a quick update: i am this close to scrapping the arm warmers. not because it’s hard but because it’s such a small tight knit it makes my hands sore trying to hold it and it takes so long. But i’ll stick it out a little longer, perhaps i’ll come back to them at a later date.


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