I finished the hat and added a pompom – i think it’s cute. it would be perfect for all those up north getting the feet upon feet of snow.

I finished the baby hat but i feel like it needs a little bit of work. i was going to put pom-poms on the corners but i decided i wanted to make it look like kitty ears instead. once i finish it up i’ll post a pic of her in it.

For now let me leave you with this… i had baby girl on the bed with me while i was knitting and she was fussing up a storm.  so i let her hold the yarn and she was happy and yappy after that. Looks like i know what her first hobby might be.



  1. Hehe, soon with a bit of practice she can go nit her own socks and sweaters, not having to worry about what grandma would bring in for Christmas presents ;).

    The hat looks nice, hehe. Kitty ears on the baby hat sounds cool XD.

  2. Nicole said

    Absolutely adorable baby girl! A future knitter in the making!

  3. Lady Aeval said

    She’s just simply adorable!

  4. kahea said

    Hey. It looks like your baby is going to take after her mommy.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, she definatly is a cutie.
    And i agree PsychoDude, no more hideous snowmen and reindeer sweaters from grandma, she can make her own lol

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