Purple Rain

My first question is, would you wear a deep purple fuzzy scarf? seriously.. would you? i thought about it, and yes i would. But then again i think it would be easier for us ladies to pull off.

Before i update i want to make a quick little plug about Blogazoo . I’m sure most of you out there know about all the sites that will get you traffic and all kinds of other good stuff and not all of them are worth it. But let me tell you Blogazoo is one of the ones that works well, and has a good and easy system to use. The other is Blogmad and they are both worth it and easy to use. Check out one or both and start getting more traffic.

So here’s my update, the wrist warmers i was working on down there (a few entries down) i got really tired of them for whatever reason they were taking so long and weren’t coming out like i wanted them to so i scrapped them. Yeah i know it took me a while to get that far and i just gave it up, but i was frustrated with them. I’ll try them again at a later time.  For now i have to decide what i want to make with that yarn, that i really love, but it’s so small i don’t know what to use it for. Sorry i don’t have any pics of new projects but here is a pic of the sunrise from my window after it had been pouring and thrashing all night. the quiet after the storm.



  1. Nicola said

    Just to say I can and do wear purple fuzzy scarves!

  2. Sarah said

    yah! 🙂

  3. Omni said

    I used to have a fuzzy purple scarf… and a fuzzy purple SHAWL!! 🙂

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