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Cutting Teeth

It’s been a rough couple days and last night and today it all sort of came to a head and i had to take a minute for myself. Baby girl was up at least once every hour until about 2:30 she just kept crying on and on… i was frustrated, especially since she’s been sleeping through the night for almost2 months now, so i finally gave up trying other things and just brought her into the bed with me so that we could sleep. Today’s been a lot of fussing and screaming, not to mention emotionally draining.

 I finished the baby hat but i am working on the kitchener stitch that closes the top and it’s a bit confusing for me to just read how to do it since i’m a visual learner. But i’ve already found another hat pattern to try out, it’s a cable knit beanie check it out.

Until next time how about a bite of manufactured blue fur?


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Casting on

Well let me share a little bit about myself first… I have a crafty family (all the ladies in it at least) and needlecrafts are my prefered craft. Since crocheting from about the time i was 9, teaching myself most of and mastering it, I’ve decided to learn knitting. I’ve always liked the way knit work looks and had tried a few times to pick it up. However, i am a visual learner, at the times i started the internet was not what it is now and there weren’t endless resources on how to knit. So i guess in this case third time’s a charm. I am still working out how to comfortably hold my yarn (i prefer continental) and how to make it even with good tension because my sides tend to be a bit loose and wonky… Not really sure how to fix that. 

So i am here mostly to share my ups and downs of learning to knit and hopefully some experianced knitters will become regular readers and offer their advice.

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