free hand hat

So i meant to post about this yesterday. I saw a hat over at and even though it’s fair aisle it was a pretty simple pattern. So i was going to attempt it, but then i had in my hand this yarn that i really like and i wanted to use it to make a hat instead. So i thought, since the pattern called for two strands of yarn to be held together through out the work, the chunky yarn i had was at most just a little bigger than two strands of ww yarn so i figured i’d use the needles and number of stitches. Here are it is near the begining and when it was almost finished…

well let me tell you… it’s a little big. But i have a big head to begin with so a hat thats big on my big head would eat up the head of someone else. it is literally sitting on my head without any stretch. haha so it just seems so huge. Do you think if i took some black elastic cording and weaved it through the ribbing to pull it a little snugger it would solve my problem? maybe make it a little more like a rasta or something? we’ll see… here is a pic of my and one of mom lol (fyi this hat makes mom look like a COMEPLETLY different person lol)


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Cable Arm Warmers

So i came across a pattern not to long ago for arm warmers with cables on them. At the time i printed out the pattern so i could write on it and now i can’t find it. If i do i’ll link it. I was afraid they would be to wide but cables pull in, which is something i didn’t know until the other day. I thought it was just me haha.

so here is my progress so far, i’m about halfway through the first one. i like how it’s coming along, though i’m still a little slow with my rhythm (is that even spelled right?)

I’ll keep you updated on this one. the next time i do an arm warmer or fingerless glove i’ll take on a longer version. i actually have my eye on a pattern already.

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Knit blocks

I don’t know how many of you watch Knitty Gritty on DIY but Vicki Howell is having a Knit In on February 4th from 5pm to 11pm. I’m sure it’s to promote the Warm Up America project. They do great stuff, the site has some patterns and Knitty Gritty has quite a few patterns now for knit squares. Your donated squares will be put together to make afghans. Or you can send completed afghans… or better yet you can distributed completed afghans in your area. Check out the website for info on that.

I really liked todays show, the guest was Lily Chan and she showed us the blocks in this gorgeous baby blanket. My favorite was the reversible ribbed cable (bottom right block). It is a little advanced though. But i am sure with a little work i could eventually get one out. The patterns are on this page.

If you decide to make one or some let me know how yours comes out.

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Casting on

Well let me share a little bit about myself first… I have a crafty family (all the ladies in it at least) and needlecrafts are my prefered craft. Since crocheting from about the time i was 9, teaching myself most of and mastering it, I’ve decided to learn knitting. I’ve always liked the way knit work looks and had tried a few times to pick it up. However, i am a visual learner, at the times i started the internet was not what it is now and there weren’t endless resources on how to knit. So i guess in this case third time’s a charm. I am still working out how to comfortably hold my yarn (i prefer continental) and how to make it even with good tension because my sides tend to be a bit loose and wonky… Not really sure how to fix that. 

So i am here mostly to share my ups and downs of learning to knit and hopefully some experianced knitters will become regular readers and offer their advice.

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